Thursday, November 18 at 8

Listen to Episode 7

The talk chiefly was about a possible Brooklyn Marathon, in the Spring. Listen to find out how we got there.

Julie plugged the Thanksgiving Marathon (and HM and 10K) in Van Cortlandt on Thanksgiving. Joe revived his idea about an Ekiden.

Tonight’s team was Steve, Brenn, Julie, TK, and Joe Garland.

We hope this’ll be the regular time-slot (although nothing on Thanksgiving). Not sure what topics yet, but everyone is free to join us.

Although you can enter the chat room as a “Guest,” to participate you:

  • Go to TalkShoe.
  • Go to Sign Up
  • Register; Use the 10-digit phone you’ll be using as your PIN. Then when you call in and put in the show number it’ll automatically put you on the call.

You’re now in the system.

If you just want to go to the chatroom, go HERE and log-in (or enter as a “guest”). There’ll be a “JOIN IN” button at 7:45 (15 minutes before the call is scheduled).

If you want to call-in, between 7:45 and 8:00, call:

  • 724-444-7444
  • Call ID: 46097#
  • If you put the phone number you’re using in, it’ll put you in automatically. Otherwise you’ll be prompt for the PIN.

Also, it doesn’t like Chrome. Firefox seems OK.

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